• MMB-CHMINACA MDMB analogue to AB-CHMINACA whatsapp +86-13323092816
  • MMB-CHMINACA MDMB analogue to AB-CHMINACA whatsapp +86-13323092816

MMB-CHMINACA MDMB analogue to AB-CHMINACA whatsapp +86-13323092816

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Product Description

IUPAC: methyl 2-(1-(cyclohexylmethyl)-1H-indole-3-carboxamido)-3,3-dimethylbutanoate

CAS: 832231-92-2

Molecular Formula: C23H32N2O3

Molecular Weight: 384.51

Form: Powder

MMB-CHMINACA, also called MDMB(N)-CHM and methyl 2-(1-(cyclohexylmethyl)-1H-indole-3-carboxamido)-3,3-dimethylbutanoate, has a molecular formula of C23H32N32O3. Its stability is rated at approximately 2 years.

MMB-CHMINACA is one of the indazole family of synthetic cannabinoids and is very similar, both structurally and chemically, to AB-CHMINACA. Like manu of the newer members of the indazole-type cannabinoids,  not much is is known about its toxicology or pharmacology. Still, it should react much in the same way as its analogue in much the same way as AB-CHMINACA does in most ways.

In humans and animals, AB-CHMINACA and its analogues are all fairly potent agonists for the cannabinoid receptors. This class of chemicals was originally developed by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer in 2009 with hopes of marketing one or more of them as analgesics, but work along these lines has stopped.

The indazole family of cannabinoids first became well known in 2012, when they were discovered in several New Zealand and Japanese synthetic blends.

Detailed information for AB-CHMINACA, MMB-CHMNACA’s closest structural analogue


Legal Status: MMB-CHMINACA is listed on the Fifth Schedule of the Misuse of Drugs Act in Singapore, making it a controlled substance there.It is not known to be illegal or controlled in any other states or territories.

MMB-CHMINACA is not suitable for human consumption, and is sold only for research and forensic use in a laboratory environment.

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